Science Class Syllabus

Make the Impossible,possible.


Mr. Wafle

8th Grade General Science

Room Number 100

410-887-1304 (main office)

[email protected]


Welcome 8th Grade. This is going to be a great and science full year. We will be examining four main units; Hydrosphere &Atmosphere, Chemistry, Mechanics, and The Changing Chesapeake.


The grading scale will be:

  • 50% classroom work
  • 25% Homework
    1. Homework must be returned on due date for full possible credit.
    2. You can turn in your homework one day late. But it will only be worth 50%. After that a zero.
  • 25% Test, Quizzes, & Projects
  • 10% Participation


Rules for my class are:

  1. Be polite and Respectful to me, yourself, and others students.
  2. Listen to directions the first time; every time.
  3. Take care of our classroom and supplies.
  4. Follow the School Code of Conduct.
    1. I am...
      1. Respectful
      2. Responsible
      3. Safe


Attendance policy:

  • You are required to be on time; every period; every day.
    • I will let one tardy slide.
    • Second I will call your parent.
    • Third Lunch detention
    • Fourth after school detention.
  • If you are late you need a tardy slip with a reason.
  • If you are absent you are required to bring a note to excuse the absence.
    • 3 or more absences will (excused or not) require a phone call to your parent or guardian.



  • Pencils
  • 3 ring folder (for our interactive notebook)required
  • Notebook paper for your 3 ring folder.
  • Extra credit opportunity, 5 points for 1 box of tissue. (one per student)
  • Extra credit opportunity #2: Read an article about science and write a summary about it. Turn both the article and summary in.  
  • Smiling faces and a great attitude to learn.