Algebraic Thinking Syllabus


Woodlawn Middle School

3033 St. Luke’s Lane

Baltimore MD, 21207

Dear Parents,

Iwould like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Seth Frumkin and Iwill be teaching 7th Grade Algebraic Thinking Part I to your childthis year. I am looking forward to a great and productive year of learning,challenges, and success. This program is designed for a hands-on approach tomathematics. It will take your child through the process of learning newmaterial by introducing concepts concretely in order to be understoodabstractly. Your child will be using various devices and methods to explore andlearn concepts that will better prepare him/her for Algebra and other futuremath courses. With my teaching, and your support, your child will soar in this courseJ. Please take amoment to familiarize yourself with the expectations of this course.

Belowis a list of standards that we will be learning with the Algebraic ThinkingPart I course.

  1. Knowledge ofAlgebra, Patterns, and Functions
  2. Knowledge ofGeometry
  3. Knowledge ofMeasurement
  4. Knowledge ofStatistics
  5. Knowledge ofProbability
  6. Knowledge ofNumber Relationships and Computation/Arithmetic
  7. Processes ofMathematics

Thereare two ways to effectively contact me at Woodlawn Middle School.I can be contacted via the school phone at 410-887-1304. Secondly, andpreferably I can be contacted via email at [email protected].Whichever method you prefer is fine, however, I check email all throughout theday and will only be able to return phone calls once the school day is over.

CoachClass is an hour of weekly help that teachers throughout the school haveadopted to better educate your child. It is a great opportunity for childrenwho need extra help or individualized attention for certain concepts. It willbe held Thursdays this yearimmediately after school from 3pm-4pm. Because coach class is so important tothe students there are some guidelines that must be followed in order for it tobe a success. COACH CLASS IS BYAPPOINTMENT ONLY! Your child needs to notify me by the end of school onWednesdays in order to have coach class the next day. Students may not chooseto come to coach class the day of, nor can they drop by during coach class ifthey have not made an appointment. Your child must provide writtendocumentation that they have permission to attend coach class.

Pleasecontact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward toworking with you collaboratively to ensure your child’s success.

Thank you,

Seth Frumkin

Mr. Frumkin


Algebraic Thinking Part I


A- 90%and up

B- 80%-89.99%

C- 70%-79.99&

D- 60%-69.99

E- 59.99and below

Grades are comprised of the following weights:

  • 50% -- Class work
  • 15% -- Homework
  • 25% -- Tests/Quizzes
  • 10% -- Participation


Students are expected to followthe WMS code of conduct at all times. These are to always Be Respectful, BeResponsible, and Be Safe. Students who are not in compliance can expect thefollowing consequences.

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Teacher to student conference
  3. Phone call/Email home and detention
  4. Referral to their team leader
  5. Suspension
  6. Expulsion (In extreme cases)

All students will be expected to comeprepared for class daily with supplies listed below. Being prepared allowsstudents optimal learning time and opportunity. This includes havinghomework, being on timeand being seated and ready to learn by the time the tardy bell sounds.Students who are one day late with homework can expect a 10% decrease in theirgrade for that assignment. Homework that is more than one day late WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED unless the studentwas absent and has a note accompanying their late homework.


1- Subject Spiral Notebook (willremain in class and house all class notes.)


OPTIONAL: Pencil Sharpener that catches shavings

Please make sure that you have read the previous pages indetail. Again if there are any questions or concerns I am more than willing tospeak with you. Please, parent and child, sign and return the attached pagesaying that you have read, understand, and will abide by the specifics of thisletter. Also, please complete the contact information section so we may haveopen lines of communication.