From Mrs. Foreman, School Nurse
Woodlawn Middle School

From the BCPS Office of Health Services:

  • Identifies students’ health-related barriers to learning, and develops services/programs to reduce or eliminate those barriers.
  • Works with schools to provide safe and healthy school environments.
  • Provides guidance to school nurses, principals, parents, and school system personnel on issues related to school health.
  • Supervises the clinical practice of school nurses.
  • Provides professional development for school nurses and health assistants.
  • Operates school-based health centers in targeted schools.
  • Provides health promotion programs for employees.

Immunization Information

  • Immunization 2020-2021 information for school enrollment

In-School Community Partnerships with Mental/Physical Health Providers

  • 115: Process for Screening and Monitoring In- School Community Partnerships with Mental/Physical Health Providers
  • Proposal for In-school Community Partnership for Mental or Physical Health Services, PS 115, F1
  • Cooperative Agreement, PS 115, F2
  • Community Partnership Agency Report, PS 115, F3
  • Community Partnership School Report, PS 115 F4

Sports Physical Exams

  • Community Resources for Reduced Cost Sport Physicals
  • Interscholastic Sports Physical Exam Form
  • Medical Clearance for Gradual Return to Sports Participation Following Concussion
  • Notification of Probable Head Injury

Frequently used health forms:

  • Consent Form for the Administration of Certain Nonprescription medications (Spanish, Russian, Urdu, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, French)
  • Dental Record
  • Diabetes Order Forms
  • Diabetes Supplemental Form for Pumps
  • Medication Order Form
  • Record of Physical Examination

Important health Information for students and families:

  • Backpack Safety
  • Concussions
    • BCPS Office of Athletics Concussion Information
  • Diabetes: Carb Counts for BCPS School Meals
  • Food Allergies
  • Handwashing Tips
  • Head Lice
  • Health Lifestyle Resources
  • Over the Counter Medication Safety for Families
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Skin Infections
  • Sun Safety
  • What if my child is ill on a school day?

Programs Provided:

  • Wellness Centers
    • Wellness Center Information

Food and Nutrition

  • Breakfast and Lunch Menus
  • Nutrient Analysis 
  • Accommodations for Students with Special Dietary Needs

Phone:  443-809-1378
FAX:  443-809-6379