GT Technology Syllabus

8th Grade Gifted and Talented: Technology


Teacher: Mr. Wafle

Email Address: [email protected]           Voice Mail:________________

Coach Class: Thursday from 3 – 4 p.m.

Department Chair: Ms. Dupre                   Email Address [email protected]

Course Overview:                                                    

Design and Modeling

            What is Engineering?

            Design Process


            Sketching and Dimension

            Design for Production

Automation and Robotics

            What is Automation and Robotics?

            Mechanical Systems

            Automated Systems                           


Class-work:                 50% (Majority of the points will come from in class assignments)

Assessments:              25%

Homework:                 15%

Participation:               10%

Homework/Make-up Policy:

Your child will have at least 3 written assignments and one study assignment per week. Please note that all work is due on the date assigned. Late work will not be accepted, unless a student is absent. If astudent is absent on the day an assignment is due, the student is responsible for turning in the assignment on the day he/she returns.

Make-up work- Students who are absent will have three days to make-up workmissed. All work will be available for students in the “make-up center” set up in the classroom.