Class Expectations and Grading

Welcome to 8th grade American History   

I. Materials You Will Need

  • A section in your binder (or a 2” binder) designated for American History/Social Studies
  • Black and/or blue pens (assignments completed other ink colors may result in a zero grade)
  • Several #2 pencils
  • One 4-color set of highlighters (required)

 II. Classroom Rules

  • Arrive to class on time, enter quietly, and take your assigned seat
  • Be prepared with all required materials for World Cultures class
  • Begin your drill immediately and then record any assignments or notes in your agenda book
  • Follow all directions (written and oral). If you do not understand something, please ask for clarification.
  • Remain in your assigned seat throughout class.
  • To participate or be acknowledged, raise your hand.
  • No one shall be permitted to interfere with your (and your classmates) success.

 III. Grading Policy

     Students will be graded according to the following scale:

  • Daily drills, class work and participation                     50%
  • Quizzes (announced and unannounced)                     10%
  • Tests (benchmarks and unit)                                     20%
  • Homework assignments                                            10%
  • Projects, vocabulary, special projects                         10% 

IV. After School Assistance

  • At this time, students may make an appointment to stay after school on Wednesdays (2:45 – 3:30) for assistance.  Students MUST have a signed note from parent to stay. 


V. Grading Policy

  • For each day of excused absence, you will be allowed the same number of days to complete and turn in missed assignments.
  • Homework will not be accepted late – exception:excused absences.

VI. Agenda Book
    Students are given a free agenda book on the first day 
    of school.  The agenda book serves many purposes: recording 
    assignments, communication with teachers, and pass for the 
    restroom/guidance/office, etc.  Students must have their 
    personal agenda book to leave the classroom.


The Baltimore County Public Schools grading scale is as follows:

90 – 100% = A      80 – 89% = B      70 – 79% = C     60 – 69% = D      0 – 59% = failure

PARENTS:  You can keep track ofyour child’s grade via edline.  See the office for an edline account.

FYI:   Good attendance and grades may exempt you from the final exam!